Can you feed your baby sweets?

My friend gave her 6month old baby a strawberry shortcake and he ate it. is that safe? are lemons safe? I don't know what to think about that? I don't want to ask my sons doc and sound stupid. but what do you ladies think about feeding a baby food that's not purreed or in a bottle? my son is 7months old and 29 inches and over 20.5lbs now.

    Personally I wait until at least a year until they get their first sweets and then just do a little here and there.

    My kids do baby led weaning for the most part-which means basically little to no purees. It's all in safe, very small chunk sizes for them and overcooked so it's soft.

    I would say yes to the lemons, but be careful as their teeth are not very strong an acid can eat away the enamel quickly.
      If food is soft in your mouth its safe-ish, best to wait until after one year old to do citrus acidic foods.
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