Baby Items Needed?

What were some items you had for baby that you NEEDED? Were there any you didn't need at all?

    Clothes, place for babe to sleep. Stroller. Baby wrap (I have a homemade moby-style, but don't know what I'd do without something to carry baby around). Diapers. Wipes.

    Different ones have liked different things. Two of the four absolutely loved the swing, the other two loved the bouncy seat-we still have both, but put one away once we know baby's preference. My first two used the pacificer a little, but the younger two would have nothing to do with it.
      One item that came in handy I had was my exercise ball. We bounced our daughter gently on it. She loved that motion and it helped calm her down. Another item is a white noise machine. We had one that came with the pack n play we got, though there are many options out there!
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