So I think I'm finally on the mend from the bronchitis. I was able to sleep last night and felt a little better this morning. Now my biggest problem is finding stuff to eat. I can't taste anything besides if something has salt in it then that is all I can taste. So everything either tastes like nothing or like salt. I couldn't keep anything down for a few days and now I haven't eaten much because I can't taste, any suggestions of not too salty foods? My throat is still pretty sore so it has to be soft but I've lost enough weight this week that my husband noticed a difference so I need to eat more, now is not the time to lose weight.

    Melissa Middleton
    What Tabitha suggested. I also thought about jello or maybe some tomato soup, or any cream of soups.
      Ice cream sounds so good, if only I could taste it. I had some tomato soup earlier, I couldn't taste it but it wasn't too bad. My sister bought me mocha earlier and I couldn't taste it at all, I was so sad. lol Tristen had a peanut butter cookie that I stole a bite of and it tasted like a salt lick.
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