prepping #1 for #2

Nova will halfway to two when her new sibling gets here. I've tried prepping her for a baby's arrival with dolls and her baby cousin but she gets so jealous. she likes to try and jump on my belly but will turn around and kiss my belly the next moment saying my baby. what are some ways that you guys helped your first getting ready for the second?

    read books about siblings and discuss how wonderful when you have a sibling. Try to stay positive and let her be as involved in the preparations as she wants to be. She may like to help choose the color for the nursery, or where to store the nappies.
    Let her play with the baby's things as you pull them out of storage, or as presents arrive. It will help her to feel included and part of the excitement.
      I gave them as much attention as I could. We talked a little about the baby, they knew there was a baby in my belly and she would come out eventually, but they never really got it until baby was here. They had to be gentle with my tummy so baby didn't get an owie. When baby got there they investigated for about a week-had to constantly remind them not to poke and give very gentle kisses. They did better than I figured they would lol. Oh, they also helped go through the baby stuff, "picked out" clothes-put them away,helped fold, helped set up the bassinet and swing and such.
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