2nd Annual $500 Hope Grant for Single Moms

Melanie Hawk, single mom of two, was the first recipient of the Hope Grant, which may just become an annual event, according to SingleMommie.com founder, Donny Gamble. "Last year's grant was such a success, we've decided to bring it back a second time, with an added incentive."

Last year's grant money was available to any single mom in need who was over 18 years with one or more children. "Applying for the grant was simple," according to Melanie, "I answered a few short questions and wrote a short summary about my family and our situation. Receiving this grant allowed me to get caught up on some important bills, purchase food, and provide a Christmas gift for each of my precious boys."

"This year's grant is slightly different than last year," explains Gamble. "The grant money is still awarded to a single mom, but in an effort to help spread the word even farther than before, we're offering $100 to the person who refers the grant winner. We're hoping this extra incentive will encourage single mothers, influential Tweeters, and other social media group leaders to spread the word about the grant. We're excited to see how this will work out."

Hope Grant Details

The total awarded to the single mom will be $400 and the application will include a new section where the applicant will be able to include the name of the person who informed them about the grant. This individual will receive $100. The registration period begins December 1, 2013 and continues until February 29, 2014. The recipient will be chosen on March 3, 2014.

The purpose of the Hope Grant is true to its namesake. It's all about bringing hope and a brighter tomorrow to a single mom in need with monetary assistance. Over 35% of women who give birth in the U.S. are unmarried. A large percentage of these are at or below poverty level. The vision is to inspire others to reach out to at least one person, helping them through a difficult time, and believing that a chain reaction could begin and continue to build and grow. Once awarded, the grant can be used for utility bills, food, tuition, rent, or even to make a daycare payment.

Applications and full guidelines are available online at


2nd Annual $500 Hope Grant for Single Moms
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