my 13 mo can't sleep without night feedings.

He is on whole milk,
the pediatrician said he needs to stop using bottles and feeding at night. He said to let my kid cry himself back to sleep.
Well my kid can cry for hours.
And it's not just like sobbing it's screaming bloody murder till he can't breathe.
everything I tried to tell the doctor was excused or brushed off.
I can't do cry it out
I can't handle it.
What do I do?

    I can understand what you're going through..same thing here,,what I started doing was changing my son's feeding schedule and give my son his last meal about 30 minutes before bed,,then when he does lay down I give him half of a normal milk seems to be working for now,,maybe give it a try
      Give him his milk. Start with the amount he's used to. Every week cut it back by an ounce. When he falls asleep after his bottle, wipe his mouth out with a wet rag to get the milk off his teeth-the sugar will eat away at his teeth if you don't. Then lay him down. If you don't want to do that, then give him water instead.
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