Talking back

What do you do when your child talks back to you? My son is 3.5 and has just recently started talking back and testing his limits. Curious to know what you all would do.

    Amanda, everyone is correct. Inside your mind, you and your husband are the boss. You are the authority, and there is no exception. On the outside, you are the example. Don't take his misbehavior personally. Be very, very, calm, quiet, and self-controlled when giving out the discipline (time out, take toy away, etc.). What is your goal in discipline? What are you trying to teach and what behavior are you trying to change? Always praise the positive behaviors (without overdoing it) and anticipate what is causing your son to talk back. Is he hungry, tired, frustrated, or just plain disobedient? The more consistent you are the better and remember it takes time. And always proceed with love. Kids are trying to figure out this great big world. You are their loving guide! Love never fails. Love, love, love him!
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