For those of us who are married and still together.

Wife/Wives – Ladies

Ladies, remember our commitments to our husbands, they too need our attention as much as the children; let’s make time for them or we will have to share some of them (while others will be there and return the same treatment) so be reminded that they have feelings, desires, needs etc.
As women, our tasks can be very big/huge and demanding on a daily bases but we must not neglect the person we fell-in love with and gave our words to at the altar. Having so many responsibilities is not easy but sometimes just let it all go for a day and give him your attention, affection and a listening ear or two.
Yes I know we have the children to care for, the laundry to do, the house to tidy, the dinner to cook and the list goes on but the work will always be there and we can’t talk to the clothes or the house and get a response but our husbands will give us one. At times they do feel neglected and everything else seems to get our attention except for them.
So let us start caring and attending to our husbands. For some of us there is assistance from relatives so make use of it and go out on date nights and reconnect with each other as to keep the relationship growing stronger and healthier. Mind you, reconnecting from time to time helps to ease the stress from both of you. Intimacy can be done in many different ways. Create your own romantic evening or event and reconnect once per month and see how much, things will improve. We don’t always have to go to an expensive restaurant to have a lovely dinner, you can have a nice romantic picnic in your living room or better in the bedroom, with scented candles around the room in different areas, rearrange the room and put on something very sexy and beautiful and don’t forget to fix his favourite meal or do something different for a change that you think he will/would enjoy. Start devoting time for the husbands they need comfort, affection, affirmation, encouragement, intimacy, hugs, kisses etc. so start stepping up your games ladies, there will come a day when it will be just the two of you and for some of you it might be too late while for others there is still some hope of patching up but don’t wait for things to go bad to enjoy each other company and again I remind us that reconnecting is very important, especially for those of us with children, we forsake our husbands and all our time, affection and attention is given to the children.

They choose us for a reason, they saw something in us that no other woman could/would qualify for in their eyes let’s get that spark back in the eyes of our husbands and do the best we can to ensure that we work on our marriages. The wedding is over but the marriage is still going on. For most of us who have children whether naturally or C-section, intimacy is not something easy to get back into but we have to try, you know one main problem in marriages, couples don’t talk, express yourselves to your husbands and let them know what you want and how you want to be treated, they complain that they can’t read our minds so we have to help them. Not all husbands are like that but ladies, be honest here, at times we are difficult to deal with and they see us as being fussy, miserable and confuse. Start helping them to know how we want to be pleased or wine and dine as some would say. Hi!!!! You can still date each other even though you are married, send him a text or call him at work to remind him how much you love and appreciate him. Well, you know your man so do what you know will satisfy him and even surprise him once a while.
They don’t always want to be the one to make the first move. You don’t have to be rich to have a good time, just be creative and spontaneous.

COME on wives, live a little and enjoy your men and yourselves!!!
Be encouraged, It can work.

Suzette A.G. Richards
Penned September 13, 2014
© Copyright 2014

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