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Living with Mental Illness Part 2

Confused, frustrated, afraid and worried I am most of the times. This strong urge to destroy someone or myself and it bothers me greatly. There are times when I feel like this is it but then I see another day and sometimes with that new day I feel a little better and I keep going back and forth while sometimes I am up for a little longer time; well depression is all around and what can I do about it but to look away at times and other times, try and hold on or bear it as much as I can. It is sometimes financial disability that sets off the depression and other times it is the thoughts in the mind that is over bearing or overwhelming. Just to get through a day is a struggle much more to deal with the everyday stuff of keeping up appearance, smiling, talking, laughing and as simple as going outside is a challenge. Will I ever overcome this illness or will I have to live with it for the rest of my life? I am yet to find out but with time.
Life goes on and I would like to move on with it but there comes a time when the head feels as if it can’t go or do anything more. Living and coping with depression sucks every-energy from anywhere it can inside your body and leave you dry, drained and unhappy. Oh! How I would love to smile from my heart but it barley comes from within but life goes on.
Depression is a sickness that eats away your sense to enjoy anything or feel any pleasure and if you are not careful you will get sucked in and can’t handle it.

Penned by Suzette AG Richards
Copyright September 28, 2014

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