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Depression/Mental Illness

The second stage of dealing with metal illness is the medication that you have to take daily. First there are some that makes you feel worse than before, some just seem to add more to what you are already dealing with and then there are some that works but it is all about sleeping your life away.

Mental illness affects every area of your life and body. Yes the head needs rest to repair and heal so you get the medication to help you to sleep at nights and sometimes it work and sometimes it don’t but what to do.
Before most persons find out that they have a mental illness, they start feeling sad and tired, can’t sleep and have a lot of headache. Then the interest to eat or care for yourself goes out the door because the ability to function has been affected and there is no explanation as to what is going on until you have seek medical attention then you realize that you are experiencing some symptoms of depression. There are different stages and there are different treatments separately from medication, like: exercise; eating right, doing things that you enjoy, find time for yourself and your family and treat yourself every now and then, it helps.

You could not prevent it in some cases but don’t give up on yourself if you find out you have it and for the country we live in, the help mentally ill patients need they don’t get, like therapy, support, attention and financial assistance for those who can’t work so they can buy food and medications.
We need help to raise awareness about this sickness so people can be sensitize about it and be more sensitive towards the mentally ill when they see them.
The other parts of depression are panic disorder (in the case of an accident or a traumatic experience), fearfulness, anxiety and suicidal thoughts constantly in the mind because there is no known cure, you have no choice but to take or consume the pills on a daily bases. For some patients, injection is a must. Another side effect of depression is worrying, because you can never tell how you will cope and then, there is where the fearfulness hugs you like a blanket and the thoughts of facing the pain and discomfort the next day will drive you to hurting/hurt yourself for just a little mental release.

Overcoming anxiety or depression is not a walk over and those of us who are working class and into a job and need time to heal, it’s only fair that we are given the time to do so and not everyone will be better within the specified time given by the company, for some they need extended time and should be able to be reinstated into their jobs but who am I to think so just looking out for most of us who don’t have the connection to get the well-deserved help or attention or even the privilege to resume living their normal life before the illness.

Anyway one day it will all be well and all the problem will go away, one way or another but it will get better in one day, for those of us who don’t have a voice or money to do things the way we would like, all we want to see is some hope, a little joy, a little light and signs of peace of mind that someone is in our corner.

Penned by Suzette AG Richards
5:45am August 14, 15 & 17, 2014
©Copyright October 1, 2014

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