Low on Growth Chart

Happy Sunday everyone. My son just came from a follow up visit with his doctor. He apparently is not gaining weight at the normal rate. He appears to be healthy, has a healthy appetite (I tend to feed him healthier meals than what is available at his daycare). He is 20 months and only 20 pounds. He is very active as well. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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    Thanks Laura. He's doctor wants to run some tests "just to be safe"...I am not sure that I want to put my son through unnecessary bloodwork
      Melissa Middleton
      A few of my nieces were like that as well and were very healthy. We have petite family members so it was normal for our family. Plus, if he is active, he burns it off easier and he may even have a higher metabolism, as most males do. My son has been thinning out as well because he is very active as well.
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