Solid foods

I started giving my daughter solid foods at 5.5 months..... She is now 7.5 months and absolutely is rejecting it everytime I give it to her, even if she likes it.... Is this normal??

    What kind of solids are you using, do you make your own? I made our own and thinned it out with breast milk and try different consistency's like mash cooked peas and remove the skin. Sweet potatoes try adding some butter and spices like nutmeg or cinnamon etc.. try to lightly season so its not too overwhelming, also watch for allergies.
    Try making homemade food with pumped breastmilk and making sure the consistency is right, not too thick. My daughter loved sweet potatoes and breastmilk mix I also added some oatmeal cereal to add more texture and nutrients. I have simple recipes and there's some on moms expertise in baby section. Some day's my daughter would just want more breastmilk than food and she still does that.
      It may be a texture thing too. Tristen got to the point where he didn't like it if it was too runny. I always added a little baby cereal to his food to thicken it a little.
      We had WIC for Tristen too and always had so much cereal. He hated the cereal until I added it to his baby food.
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