It's been a busy few days here...trying to keep this baby on the inside and still trying to get ready for her. And trying to get everyone here well. I think we are on the mend finally! How is everyone else doing?

    Melissa Middleton
    I am glad to know things are getting in order and she will be here to grace you all soon. How exciting! We are enjoying Spring time and the warmth. We are doing some redecorating and remodeling, little by little. One day, we will have the rooms how we want them and everything fixed...one day. My hubby has been taking electrical classes 3 nights a week, which will end in May so I am doing this mothering thing solo most of the week. We are planning a vacation this Summer so I am hoping it all goes according to plan. We've decided to do a 3-4 day big trip instead of 3-4 small ones. We have been very busy here as well and will continue to be. We also need to start planting. Jonah has been taking steps here and there so he will be a full time walker soon--yikes! But, I am excited nonetheless.

    We had 3-4 feet of snow for 3 weeks and was snowed in for two weeks...we may be getting a little more snow at the end of this week but I am praying it passes us. I dislike snow. I want warmth!!
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