Hi Moms. I need advice. My daughter is almost 2 and the tantrums have begun full blown. I don't know what to do. I think I make them worse. Everything sets her off. If she doesn't get what she wants she cries and it doesn't stop. I tend to yell and lose my patience with her which I know doesn't help. My pediatrician told me when she has a tantrum put her in the playpen where she's safe because she bangs her head elsewhere and walk away but I don't know if that's the right approach either. She has about 2-3 tantrums a day. What do I do?

Examples of why she'll throw a tantrum-
I won't open the gate for her to climb the stairs
She wants to sit on the kitchen counter and stick her fingers in the toaster oven and I won't let her.
She wants to sit in the refrigerator and I'll close the door.

It's silly little things but if she doesn't get what she wants it can be a tantrum for at least a half an hour. So I tend to give in or yell.

    Tantrums are common. I know that's the last you want to hear lol...

    Stick to your guns. She's testing her limits and wants to know how far she can bend momma's rules. The more you bend, the more the tantrums will persist.

    I struggle with yelling when frustrated, too. I'm trying to tech my kids that yelling is not an answer, by example.. When I get frustrated, i take a deep breath or two before responding-unless they are going to hurt themselves of course.

    After the temper tantrum is done. I sit down with whichever child had it, cuddle and explain.
    "If you climb the stairs, you might fall and get hurt and that would make mommy very sad."
    "If you stick your finger in the toaster you'll get a really bad owie and the doctor will have to pick on you." (they hate the doctor so will do anything to avoid this)
    "If you sit in the fridge, it will ruin (insert favorite food here) and then you have it to eat anymore because I'll have to throw it away."

    Get the idea? I can't say it will stop them right away, but it seems to helping keeping them down around here.
      I had a lot of problems with my oldest. (He's 18 now.) He would throw tantrums, although he never physically hurt anything. I was at the end of my rope. I didn't know what to do! Then something my grandmother once told me clicked: When she was diagnosed with asthma, her doctor told her to avoid certain things, one being red food dye or Red #40. I cut that out of his diet, and the difference was immediate and amazing! I was amazed at how much red food dye he actually got. One thing he liked was strawberry milk (milk with a few tbsp of Nesquick Strawberry Syrup). We took that away, and, like I said, he was a whole different child.
        My son throws horrible tantrums. The thing he hates the most and gets him to stop almost instantly is to put him in his crib, turn the light off and close the door. It takes about 15 seconds and I hear "Tristen done" coming from his room. I think sometimes they just get so out of control that the only thing that works is that quiet, confined space. We tried the playpen but it doesn't work unless it's in his room. It's basically the same concept as swaddling a newborn. It helps put them back in control when they feel out of control.
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