really irritated

Someone hacked into my facebook and started sending messages to some of my friends ...well that message that person is sending has a bad computer virus on it to steal person info ....really now ...thanks i hope my friends think it's not me ...i have to create a new Facebook start over from ground zero and loss 2,000 photo that some i do not have saved to my computer .... pissed off...but thank u facebook personal for contacting my email and letting me know ​

    8Theresa Gould
    I heard about the recent hacking but had no idea what the hack entailed. How awful. I'm so sorry. :(
      .... I will not condone any illegal processes here, but a little birdy once told me that because all your photos are there, hack back.

      And really, I don't think that's illegal at all, because, I mean... it's YOUR account. Take measures into your own hands and take what is your own!

      Also, I'll be changing my passwords as somehow this news slipped by me completely.
        By the way, just looked into how this attack was done. I suggest you run some GOOD anti-everything scans on your computer as it is not the fault of the servers of the companies, rather something that has been in your own system. If you need help, I'm sure me or possibly some of the other ladies could be of assistance.
          This is an unfortunate thing! I wish people did not do such things! Fortunately for you facebook contact you... YEAH... but how unfortunate to have to start anew... I understand how this could be irritating! But remember it is a good thing...and do not stress too much!
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