crying to sleep.

Until Elizabeth's one year appointment we rocker her to sleep every night. Around thus time she was staying up later and later because I think the rocking was actually over stimulin her.
It got so bad that we asked the doc what to do.
She said it was time to put Elizabeth down sleepy but awake.
It's been 2 weeks. She still crystal for anywhere from 10 to 30 min.
Even for naps.
She no longer breast feeds.
Her schedule is kind of a later one then normal families because of my work schedule.
Up not later than 10am. Wake up... bottlle... breakfast. Nap.... bottle lunch. Nap bottle dinner. Bath and some play time and a bottle if she makes it That Long. Some cuddle time then bed.
she goes from happy go lucky to just real crabby. There's no calming her. That's when we put he down for bed.
Anythin would help here.

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