Scary new dog on block!!

I am really scared here, for my daughter that is. We figured out about a month ago someone new moved in, we didn't think much of it because there were no kids, just a middle age ya know older man. Then we figured out he had this dog just yesterday, this dog came down the block, of corse Meghan moved back to avoid the dog (she doesn't really like dogs, but that is a whole other story). Then the dog grouped at Meghan and gnarled its teeth at her at tried to attack her. He quickly restrained the dog. I hope that dog never gets loose, because if he did I bet I know who he would go right to (I know that is kind of a insane thought, but come on I am like a mama bear, lol). So yah, and also this won't help my daughter like dogs more, as I said I am trying to do in the past. It will just make her more afraid. Any ideas to help me not be so paranoid??

    No. I have no help for that. :( don't let her outside alone and keep something close by you can hit the dog over the head with just in case. If he was walking the dog, it's quite possible the dog was just trying to protect it's owner and is a friendly dog once he knows you.. Personally, i don't take the chance. If we don't know the owners and the dog doesn't know us, we stay far away and I have a taser in the stroller if strays get unfriendly.

    We had a stray follow us around town last summer (we walk every where in the summer), she was the friendliest little thing... Just got tired of walking and just layed down somewhere.
    On the other hand, with my oldest, I had a dog try to attack us because we got too close to his property-not restrained... If the owner hadn't been home, that dog would have gotten a fist in his chest and a taser, I'd rather have charges of hurting a dog, than see my babies in the ER from a dog bite.
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