Need help...please read

Dear Mommies of Knowledge....

I need your help. My beautiful little boy has been found to have an iron deficiency. He is 15 months old. His iron testing came back a "4"...I was told it should be "22". The doctor put him on a liquid iron supplement. He has been on it for 3 weeks. His teeth are soooo gray and getting worse by the day.

We wipe his 8 little teeth down with a soft cloth then brush them with Orajel each time he gets the supplement. He gets the supplement 3 times a day. My heart is broken because it seems there is nothing I can do to save his beautiful smile. :( :( :(

We are going to the dentist but they have already told me there is nothing they can do until he is off the supplement. They said the discoloration is coming from within his system and will not stop until the supplement stops. He has another 9 weeks to go on the supplement. It seems to me like the discoloration could mean the liquid supplements are too strong. Perhaps a more natural method would be possible. Any advice?

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