Hungry baby

My two week old constantly wants to eat! Is this normal?

Tatyanna SerranoLos Angeles, California
Tatyanna Serrano
Was breastfeeding and she wouldn't latch on. So I give her formula now. I keep trying the breast but she just wont latch on its a crying battle for about a hour to try. She could eat up to 4 oz. Formula if I let her. It's been so long since I had baby I feel like I literally started all over again. My oldest is 12 and middle child is 9.
    I know it's normal for breastfed, but I haven't had a formula fed babe for near 10 years.. I know they have a growth spurt about then.
    Melissa Middleton
    I was thinking a growth spurt as well. I know with infants and toddlers, they will eat until they are full. They tend to have a subconscious in knowing how many calories they need throughout the day. With my son, I would give just an extra half ounce more at feedings if he wasn't satisfied.
      It's been hard for me to remember things too. My daughter is 11(will be 12 in june) and my son is 7.5 months old. Both formula fed, my daughter was born at 35 weeks and was smaller so it took awhile for her to eat a lot at one time. My son ate about 3oz a feeding or so at that age(he was 6lbs 7oz at birth so also on the smaller side). At that age the only thing I remember the dr saying was that he shouldn't need to eat more than 32oz of formula in a 24hr period, but I don't recall them saying anything specifically about amounts per feeding.
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