Advice on a nail biting toddler

I have no idea what to do. My daughter has been biting her nails for the past month, she's almost two in August. She is biting both finger and toe nails. Her toes are worse. She's biting them to the point that they bleed everywhere. Apparently it's not hurting her because she keeps doing it. Please help

    Let's see... How about paining nails with nail polish?
      She's only a year and 7 months so I don't paint them. She eats suckers abd candy canes like crazy. As for lemon juice.....she loves it. Her aunt is here and I figures that would help a lot because she's 12 and has just as much energy, they play all day. While she's eating she will bite them or in the car she will chew on her toes. Her nails are short, I make sure because she loves to scratch. It's extremely frustrating and if we tell her no and take her finger out of her mouth she screams bloody murder.
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