how can I get my child to sleep on his crib he's been co sleeping since he was a baby but now he doesn't want to sleep till 3a.m. and since I have a newborn I don't sleep at all maybe the hours a day at most...I feel frustrated and stressed out....he throws tantrums when its time to go to bed he wants what he wants...and for some reason he thinks sleep time is play time

I kust had help today for the first time it was a huge help and I just established a bed time routine ....i let him sleep in the morning til hes good n ready then I won't let him sleep through the day

9 pm bath
Then we read a book while he drinks his bottle then its time for bed SINCE HES TOO TIRED HE FELL ASLEEP QUICKLY HES CURRENTLY SNORING =)

My newborn is fully awake from 8 am to 3 pm hes tired but wont sleep ...right now hes asleep too ..yay mommy gets to sleep YAY

    Bethany Reilly
    I let Elianna cry it out. I asked the dr and she said it's fine to let her cry for up to 15 minutes. My husband and I do not like co sleeping. We don't want our children in our bed until they're 3 or 4. Co sleeping can quickly become a bad habit. I stopped co sleeping with Elianna at 2 weeks. Some nights she cries but never more then 10 mins. Then she goes to sleep and sleeps for at least 5 hrs. Co sleeping has probably become a sleep crutch for him.
    Honestly i tried that but my newborn cries really loud and gets red from crying he can last 30 minutes non stop crying so what i did now i bought a infant kangaroo carrier so when he falls asleep i put him in his crib and it works
    Bethany Reilly
    Good idea! I have a Moby wrap that she loves. :) and we have a swing so if she's very fussy I just let Her sleep in there. But most nights she's ok in her bed! Also, sounds like your bedtime routine is working. We do one too & that helps a lot!
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