found out

Sorry it has been awhile since I posted anything on here. With the appointments I have been having with this pregnacy, and the appointments for Ashley, been kind of busy. Did find out the sex of the baby yesterday. My hubby and l are expecting another girl. This time it was my turn to choice a name so I went with Theresa Nicole. The first name is in honor out my favorite grandmother and the middle name just went with the first.

Along with finding out the sex, we did find a small problem with her. They told my SO and I that this baby has a cleft lip. That just broke my heart yesterday. They told us if she has a problem feeding when she is born, we are going to have to rush her to another hospital to have it fix. Hope that doesnt have to happen.

Hope all you ladies are doing good with your little ones and brand new little ones. Saw some pictures of your little ones and they are adorable.

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