Listening to my children laugh makes me smile

I am sitting here working on my laptop with all my children next to me watching the movie "Croods" and their laughter is so much fun to listen to. My oldest son was disappointed when this movie was chosen because he wanted to watch another movie, which he will but later after the little ones are in bed. But to hear him burst into a fit of laughter is such a joy because he's enjoying a movie he wasn't originally thrilled about seeing.

Gotta love laughter and a change of heart ;)!

I am going to have to watch "Croods" again because I am only catching snippets and am listening to them laugh more than the dialogue!

What do your children do to make you smile?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    I LOVE to hear my girls laugh it makes me sooo happy. I've always said I wish I could bottle their laughs up and keeps them forever.
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