I've been having issues for two years with trying to get pregnant and i have realized this is a very real thing for me right now I'm having some serious i don't want to say anger towards other pregnant family members especially sine she is 16 no father and i can't stand knowing she is having a baby and i have a stable family i feel like this is torment almost I'm not sure how to deal with this for once i live in cali and she lives in new york but the posts and stuff and how supportive my husbands family is but they hated that i was pregnant three years ago with my only child so I'm trying to figure out how to become pregnant and possibly if anyone has home cures or any type of help for me I'm very desperately wanting a few more children and I'm becoming very upset with this and trying to not take it out on my husband or others all i want to do is cry and be by myself I've become very mean to my self feeling useless

    There is a book you should read called the Glucose Revolution for PCOS. It made a huge difference for me. Another thing that helped was going gluten free. Good luck!
      try an go on a lean green diet and if that doesn't work ask ur doctor or go online and do some research good luck
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