whats ur bedtime routine for ur children??

I let my son sleep til noon and i wont let him take a nap until its time for bed

9:00 pm Bath time
9:20 pm read a book he decides which one while drinking his milk and has his blankie and bear with him
9:30 pm he goes to his side of the bed and sleeps while i finish reading the story

And he sleeps all night without waking up he does startle when his baby brother wakes up to eat

    7:45 I start brushing teeth my 4 year old does well but I have to chase my 1 year old around so it takes a while in the bath at 8 after washing rinsing drying clothing and brushing 4 year Olds hair both kiddos are put into their beds and out within 10 minutes
      Bethany Reilly
      6:30 bath time. 6:45 lotion and jammies. Brush teeth. Read a story. Rock in the rocking chair. Sing a few lullabies. In crib by seven. He's usually asleep at the most thirty minutes later.

      For Elianna I do a bath, nurse her, then she gets swaddled and goes to sleep. Weekdays around eight and around ten on weekends
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