Everything is good here, been busy. My bearded dragon laid eggs, so I've been trying to keep them alive. There was no signs that she was pregnant! I did love the experience of all this! I do want to continue breeding. I have a male and female right now. My anniversary is tomorrow! 4 years! My cat has been a little off lately. She has fiv and it makes her a little odd at times. Shes a special cat. We are getting her a crate this weekend. For her to be in when we aren't home as she has started chewing EVERYTHING, and I am worried she'll chew a cord or something she cant swallow. So we're taking the precautions. Kai starts school this August! A month after her 3rd bday! Her physical is on Monday. I can get my license soon! We are also moving in the next couple months. How are all you ladies?

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