I need some advice on how to get over the fact that my child is going to have to eat solid foods he is 8 months!

    You can wait until he's ready. We do baby led weaning. I don't even try solids until the babes aren't satisfied with just milk. Since I started that, one babe was around 13 months and one was around 10 months.
      try giving him a taste test on veggies first before any sweets foods cuz otherwise he wont like veggies...try giving him a spoon full of baby food and go from there . .....good luck
        Melissa Middleton
        I started Jonah around 5 months on veggies. He was not getting satisfied with milk and was grasping at our plates for what we had. He did not even spit-it out. He now only prefers table foods. I tried giving him one of his jars today and he made a face and spat it out. As long your son has no trouble swallowing, he will be just fine. Do veggies first because he may only want fruit if he tries fruit first.
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