boy I waltzed right into a touchy subject with me without even thinking about it. My tradition for the kids' birthdays is that they get to pick how to decorate their cake, kind of cake, color of icing, which candles.

I wasn't 'allowed' to make birthday cakes for my oldest. My ex's family pretty much took over the second we walked through the door. The one cake I did attempt, I found them 'fixing' because i didn't color the icing right. so i never attempted after that.

This year, I had plans to practice my cake decorating skills on my birthday cake-and try out a new egg-free recipe... My MIL took over and I didn't get to. That really stuck in my craw. then she tried to make me feel like the bad guy because my husband had told me to make the cake for Grace's birthday and the dinner for his (Grace's is a day before hubby's)... So that's what I did, and also bought hubby his favorite ice cream. That went over like a lead balloon with the MIL.

Andrew has been asking for a fireman cake for his birthday for six months. She asked if I had a topper for it. I was distracted with a screaming Grace and told her no. She bought construction stuff to go on the cake and told me all I had to do was make a sheet cake with yellow and green icing. :/

Well... I've got news for her. I'm gonna make a round cake (Because it leaves us with less leftovers) and Andrew can pick the color of the icing whether it matches her decorations or not.

    I'm sorry about the MIL..but you are mommy now and she shouldn't be in takeover mode,,she sounds like a very opinionated woman..perhaps you should have a face to face and give her your opinions,,not saying in a mean way but just let her know it's your family and you mean business HUGS
      Melissa Middleton
      I am so sorry...but good for you for not taking her controlling ways. I have a SIL like that. It is VERY frustrating, I know. I just want to scream (and sometimes tell her how it is).
        We had the conversation after she tried to take over Dennis' birthday. I should have known better when she asked about the cake decorations.
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