Really needing some advice please anyone out there.

Okay so heres the dilemma i am going through hell. With My x husband he is treating my kids horrible we have split custody. we switch every monday and we got finally divorced in Oct last year he has dated this girl for about 6 months and he had her moved in to our family home without talking to the kids first. He is suppose to get married to her. When my kids came over here on my week my son had told me his gf had told them she hates them. She has told my 9 year old daughter where actually babies come from. Which in my opinion she has no place she not there mom no will she ever be. Now heres where it gets tough he has own house of course well he has been taking my kids off at his mom house over night. Every single night this weekend they have spent 3 nights over there. I asked to go see them he says its his week and i cant i finally got to go see them on his week last night for about an hour my daughter had called me crying she has asthma and no one in the house had medicine for her. She was having a hard time catching her breath he was at home with his girl. and i asked nicely to him about going to go give her medicine he yelled called me cussing telling me it was allergies. which it wasnt she doesn't have symptoms like that when she cant breath so i left my house at 1230 last night to go give her some medicine he text me and told me he dam mom had it under control which she did not. He bought them a bike for idk what but it what his gf did at first meeting them. Idk why he has to make my life a living hell. What can i do no lawyer will help me until a year after the first court order.. please help me thanks so much..

    Do you really need a lawyer? I would file some kind of complaint towards him. You can't take him to court? I would let them know exactly what's going on because from what you're saying he is an unfit parent. I think you need to do some research because I'm pretty sure there is something you can do. Especially if one of your childs health is in danger. And if he's suppose to have them and really wanted to have them why are they constantly with his mom?
      Thanks for yall comments well i have a meeting tomorrow with legal aid tomorrow to try and get custody of my kids, Gonna try and get something worked out cant live like this anymore hes such a bad role model for them,Ashley i dont really know why he always takes them over there to his parents house they stay 4 x out of the week over there, And the people who are suppose to watch them dont speak english or care my son was outside from 3 pm to 8 pm without any one checking up on him.. I picked them up 2 times last weekend to take care of them, I cant do this anymore its way to hard to be a mom and have this crap go on,, yea i think i have to have a lawyer cant just take them,, thanks for ur posts
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      trying to have a baby with my girlfrind please help i have two beautiful kids with my x,