Im going crazy!!!

The last few days have been extremely hard because I have had to deal with my father in laws medical issues and now he is getting part of his leg amputated so we have his 2 dogs for about a month and they hardly listen to me at all. Also for the past few weeks my baby has been crankier and crankier and she will hardly sleep in her own bed after I fight her for a little while. I hardly get any sleep, have to clean the extremely messy house from my husband, and have to deal with a cranky baby and dogs that dont listen at all. I dont know what to do because my husband thinks I have it easy and I have no stress on me at all even though I have been running in circles having to deal with my father in law!! Frankly right now my husband has it easy because he only has to deal with his dad and the dogs where I have to deal with it all and take of the house!!

Sorry for the rant but I just need to get it out!!!

    The only thing I can say just don't get it sometimes. I go to school, take care of the house and 2 year old, cook all the meals and work 5 hours a day from home on top of being 9 months pregnant, and sometimes my husband STILL says "yeah, but you get to stay home" as if I have it so much easier because I don't have to GO TO work. Then sometimes he will tell me "I don't know how you do it all" just have their own way of thinking. lol I have learned that I can only do what I can do and let him think and say what he will. I try not to let it get to me. Not so easy some days though.
    that is so true amy i go threw that with my husband its not as easy as it looks if they do it one day they cant do what we do

    Im glad i found his website where i can find other moms out there who are going threw what im going threw

    i understand its not easy having to deal with all this cuz i went threw it with my husbands father when he had paralysis of his right side of the body and i had a 6 month old baby and having to deal with all the drama it isnt easy. Hang in there it will get better
      oh wow i understand what ur going threw ....i know its not easy dealing with all that ....tell ur husband that the dogs must go and that u cant take care of them anymore ...he needs to understand its not easy what hes going threw but u are going threw a rough couple of days and that u need a break ...can u possibly fins a friend who can help u out a bit....

      And aunt of mine recomended me to buy alvacar its a plant that helps kids relax all that u have to do is put three leaves in light boiling water in the childs room and it works i tried it with my toddler n baby cu they werent sleeping at all . I know its hard but hang in there things will get better:)
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