it sucks

im at my parents house because my husband didnt want to stay at a hotel ...we found fleas n spiders at my house so he is using pesticide to get rid of them and well he had to get out .....i had a major fight with my mom a while back i swore never to return herw and here i am now....ibtold her not to give my son the ipad or cell phones and u know what she does she gave it to him and now every time my son sees my phone hes going to want it...and my bed time routine went out the window now hes sleeping til 4 a.m. and i dont sleep at all because my husband decided to play with him when he was about to go to bed ...IT SUCKS NOW IM THE ONE THAT HAS TO STRUGGLE WITH HIM AGAIN .='(

    Bethany Reilly
    So sorry:(
      Ever Lopez
      Really sorry you going through such stress, asoon as you get back home just set your routine back to normal... hope everything goes back to normal soon! Xoxo
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