Low Prep Veggie Food Ideas?

Hi All - My toddler has entered the phase of refusing all vegetables. It's getting expensive and exhausting to keep trying new things only to have her refuse them. Any ideas on quick prep/delicious ideas to get her to eat her veggies?

    Try adding spices and butter to the veggies, try baking them or mixing them with pasta. For spices I recommend nutmeg and butter with cauliflower, a little garlic salt on any veggie is great. Cinnamon and sugar and butter on roasted or baked sweet potato sticks are great.
      Cheese on broccoli. Creamed peas (peas in gravy). Keep ranch in the house. Talk them up... "Mickey Mouse REALLY loves peas!" Lol. If all else fails, bribery. You eat this, you get a cookie-usually animal cookies around here. I only have that problem with my ten year old luckily.