Question!? paid vacation for nanny

hello, is it reasonable or inapropriate for a cash paid full time live out nanny to request paid vacation, paid sick days, and paid holidays? Please tell me your thoughts.

    Bethany Reilly
    It sounds good but I don't think so!
      3Lin White
      It depends what agreement do you guys have
        Hello, I feel that it's reasonable, as long as everything is going to be written for the employee and yourself. If you think about it the full-time live out nanny may have a doctor appointment here and there, or might get sick and have to leave work early or call in. I wouldn't think it's fair for an employee that's sick have to work with a child because they feel they cannot afford to lose pay. If the Nanny has been working faithfully for a long time and she is very dedicated and doesn't just call off work for nonsense reason then I would say go for it with rules so it want become abuse and backfire on you. I hope this info help you make a reasonable and fair decision. Have a bless night:)
          She can ask for anything. You two need to negotiate what is reasonable. As she is full time I think one week paid vacation after one year of employmentioned is fair. I would give the seven major holidays off, or pay her time and a half if she works them. I would offer one paid health day per year employed to be maxed at 5 days. These could be used any way she wants. They do not roll over. This may not be customary for nannies, but a mutually respectful relationship is mutually benificial. I would want to treat my employee faily, keep her happy and motivated, and around for years.
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