How are you all??

I am going well And been busy with getting ready for the little one. It is only 1 1/2 months to go!! I could not believe how time flies by so fast!!!

Tonight was a big scare to me and my husband. I thought I could share my experience with you and it is a helpful tip for you guys in case it happens to your kids.

I have an ornament pepper plant and I didn't know it was a spicy ornament pepper plant. However, my son, Gabriel usually don't touch plants at all. For some reasons, he just chose to pick up the pepper as he knew he supposed not. I caught him in red hand and told him do not touch. Unfortunately, I didn't know that he broke other one that I did not see until Gabriel literally freaked out and screamed so loud....

I realized it has to be pepper because it burns his tongue then he tried to rub his eyes.. He cried so hard. I gave him some milk to drink to cool down the spicyness. My husband rushed him to the tub to wash off pepper on his hands as he kept rubbing his eyes. He cried so hard....

I told him do not rub his eyes then he stopped a bit... He got happier as burns didn't bother him until he got into the tub. Water got his eyes then he rubbed. He screamed again. It burns his eyes from pepper. I could not figure out how to do that as I washed his hands and arms with soap. It didn't help at all, so I called my mom about it. She says normally we drink milk to cool down the spicyness on our tongue, but we never had any problem until Gabriel is expericing the burns...

So, my mom suggests to put some soap with some milk on his hands and arms to see if it works. I did try and I did few times on him. Then I tested to make sure it washes off the pepper because pepper is very hard to wash off. It takes a while to wash it off.. I pour some water on his head. Of course, water would go into his eyes. He rubbed his eyes and didn't even scream at all!!!

We were so relieved that it works!!!!! He gave us a scare!

Here is the BIG tip about removing the spicy from hands or arms... Apply some soap and some milk on them for few times before try to see if spicy is out for good.

It would save your butt when it comes to spicy. :-)

Sorry for a long post, but I thought it would be a great benefit for you all :-)

Have a good night!!!

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