Working mom guilt - Day 578

Does anyone else suffer from this or just me? I work full time out of the house. I leave at 9am Monday-Friday, go home for lunch daily and am home by 5:30pm. I still feel like I am not doing right by my boy. He is 19 months now and I had thought that it would be easier now, but it is still just as hard (if not harder) to leave him every day. He is starting to really communicate now and not only do the tears flow on some days when i leave which makes me feel bad, some days i come home and he doesnt even acknowledge me which makes me feel bad to. My mother and my best friend watch him during the day, and I love them both for it, but some days I feel like he will end up loving them more than me because they got to spend more quality time with him. Whatever time I do have with him I try to make quality, but i always feel like I fall short. All my friends that are moms are stay at home and I am jealous of them every single day. I can't quit, that's not an option and I believe that my bosses are already as lenient with me as they will be. I just want more time with my boy before I have to give him to a corrupt world. Sorry for the depressing post all....

    Can you work less days? Hours? I don't think he'll grow to love anyone more than he loves you because he knows you're his mom. He doesn't understand now but he will grow to understand that you're doing what you have to to make life better for the both of you. Whatever time you do spend with him shower him with affection, let him know that you love him over and over. I was working outside of the home when my son was a lot younger and kind of felt the same way. I am now a sahm wahm and love spending all my time with him, helping him with homework, having talks, things I'd miss out on.
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