Simmer Pot Recipes

When I say simmer pot, I really mean a small normal pot on the stove on low that I switch on and off through the day. I should probably invest in a 'real' one though.

I adore a happy, comfy smelling home, especially the au naturale way.

My favorites are:

Pumpkin pie spices and sometimes a cinnamon stick in plain water.

Apples (I save peels, or if they are almost bad cut them up and put them in the freezer) + a cinnamon stick in water

Citrus peels in water (same as the apples, just stick the peels in a bag in the fridge) I've tried all but grapefruit. Orange and spice works well together. Lemon and lime work well together.

A stranger one, lime and mint. Makes the house smell mega-fresh.

I'd like to try some plain mint or mint and cocoa powder around the holidays. I'll let you know how that goes.

I will usually use the same concoction a few days in a row.

What about you ladies? Do you have any homemade simmer pot ideas to make the house smell lovely?

    Oooh, I just thought of one! I bet if you can find a pine branch near your house, a small one in a pot might make your house smell like Christmas tree... I'd google the safety of that one first though. :D
      I have never heard of this either... I am curious to hear of recipes!
        I'm a candle freak so this is definitely a good idea for me to it...:)
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