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I have a four year old and he recently got kicked out of preschool/ daycare. I have found another shool for him to go to but am worried he will do that same things. Such as, spit at people, kick people, tell him teachers he is going to shoot them, punch people, and so on. He is so angry and frustrated inside I don't know how to help him. We have tried everything from spanking, to calmly talking. Nothing works. I recently got him set up for counseling but in the mean time does anyone have suggestions?

    Most young children have aggressive outbursts when they are frustrated.
    Some tips to try:
    Ignore aggressive behaviours that can be tolerated. Denying a child the attention that he craves often helps defuse aggression.
    Channel the child’s energy. A child with the energy to kick at others has the energy to kick a football instead.
    Show affection. Many times a child acts aggressively if he is feeling hurt and a hug can be very soothing.
    Talk with the child. Often if a child understands a whole situation they are less likely to become frustrated and act aggressively.
    Removing a child from the trigger. Particularly if a child is becoming a danger to him/herself or others, picking them up and taking them to another location may be best.
      Maybe he is not getting enough stimulation or is having a quarrel of sorts with a classmate..our 4 year old has no problems at her daycare/pre preschool,,at the daycare she is constantly stimulated and has minimal time to feel "bored" however we have the same kind of problem but is it at our house her mother's house and at her grandparents house..he may need more stimulation perhaps look into smaller schools (or private) where the emphasis is on the child as opposed to a group of children,,I hope that the help you are seeking now will make a know what is best and if you agree with the people you are seeking help from then heed their advice,,sending prayers your way mommy
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