The transcervical Foley balloon

has anybody else ever had to use this to help with their birth? it was what we attempted with the first time, it failed but was super intense and painful!

    I've never even heard of it. I suppose it makes your cervix open up?
      its a pretty intense procedure. it is a catheter that is inserted into the cervix and pumped to force it to open. the doctor described it as reverse birth and more painful than if birth would of been regular. though it usually does what its supposed to do. if it would of been successful for me i would be willing to go through it again. but my cervix was a dud and though it did open me up four more it was blocked. if a women was dead set on going the natural route i would say go for it. but be prepared it was very intense pain. and you can feel every single pump of the balloon and the force it uses.
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