sleepless baby

My four month old wakes up at four AM every morning............the only good thing about this is that Sesame street comes on every day at this time and she seems to love elmo. I love my little pudge pudge, but am truly looking forward to the days when she sleeps thru the night till possibly six AM

    Yes, she does. I started her on cereal last week and thought that would start to help with her being more full at night so she would sleep longer thru the night, but she still continues to wake up same times every night. My husband says that I need to learn how to let her cry it out more and not go right away to her crib, which I am working on. But it is hard to listen to her being that upset. Any suggestions?
      Sounds normal to me. My 3 and 5 year old still wake up at midnight when they woke up when they were babies to nurse. Babies aren't meant to sleep through the night. Keep the room dark, and rock her or cuddle her after she eats. You may spend an hour doing that, but it might help establish that it's still bed time. Turning the TV on stimulates her and wakes her up.
      Some nights my one year won't go back sleep, if i get too tired to sit in the rocking chair with her I lay down on the floor with her and make sure she's safe. More stimulation during the day helps her, she sleeps a lot a better when we get out and keep her busy.
        Thank you both :) I will try definitely this tonight. The weird part is that she doesn't nap that much at daycare because she is too busy looking around to see what the other babies are doing.
        My husband had to help me break of the habit of always running to pick up our oldest daughter when she cried as well. I do believe that he made me go sit outside one night on our front porch and wouldn't let me come inside until she cried herself to sleep :)
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