The Downside of Milestones...

There are downsides to your toddler reaching certain stages early (he did the stranger and panic attack if Mommy was not in the room or was at a place other than his home at 6-7 months when he was supposed to do it at a year old), one major one being hitting the "terrible two" stage at 11 months. We are talking full blown tantrums when he doesn't get his way, hears the word, "No," if he cannot get to another room due to a baby gate, and something not working the way he wants--many a times it is when his batteries in his toys die.

Today, he walked over to his bookshelf and threw a book onto the floor (of course it was one of the thicker ones), and then a toy was thrown into our bedroom, and then I took something away he was not allowed to have (trial size baby wash), which caused him to throw a massive screaming fit to which I must ignore and walked a few feet away,

He calmed down about a minute later, so when I went to check on him (I was around the corner), he was sitting by the corner of the door. I said, "Are you okay now?" He then huffed at me and shut the door in my face! Yep, in my face.
His therapists say in a way it is a good thing he is going through these stages early because it shows his maturity is above as well as understanding. Really now? I thought I had another year when he began the first tantrum before he began this "terrible two" stage. Good thing or not, I needed some time to prepare, not be surprised.

Not fair.

Melissa MiddletonPennington Gap, Virginia
    Melissa Middleton
    I could not help but laugh, silently, when he shut the door in my face. Though it happened yesterday, it is still hilarious. Lol!
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      Melissa Middleton
      Some of it is funny, but I cannot let him see me laugh or he may continue to do it. The shutting the door in my face, throwing himself on the floor and fake crying dramatically, and stomping his feet, I cannot help but laugh at those. He looks so ridiculous doing them.

      And, oh dear on it still happening. :/ Oh boy, oh boy. Hugs back to you and thank you.
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