Should we pay attention to what our children are watching?

If people allow their children to be online without supervision or watch anything on the tv, music videos ect.. Don't think they will turn it off if it's a half naked woman/man on the screen or sexual acts, vulgar language. It's up to us as parents to guide our kids and show them what is right & what is wrong.
But, truthfully i think a lot of what they put on regular tv is too much for kids. So much sexual talk, partial nudity. Sex is promoted so much in everyday music lyrics, movies, tv, commercials and music videos.

I knew parents who let their young kids just watch what they wanted. Then they grow up swearing and having sex at young ages.. And the parents wonder why... Really?

If you are busy and don't have time to pay attention to what they are watching on tv or looking at online.. hand them a board game instead. Or a book, even a video game(age appropriate) until you have time to make sure what they are watching is age appropriate.

Now I understand why my own father didn't allow MTV in the house.. It's so much worse these days. It isn't allowed on my television either. Now children can just go on youtube & watch music videos.. with nudity. Pay attention to what your children do. It just might make a difference in how they turn out.

I even took down a couple posters and a stand-up my daughter had in her room of Justin Bieber. After he was seen in a strip club, underage drinking, touching strippers inappropriately and acting a fool. My daughter understood. She knows this is not a good person to look up to. Not a role model.

This is just my opinion. What's yours?

    We are a busy society... however I do monitor what my children watch! There are certain channels that they are allowed to watch live Disney and Disney Jr... but others are strictly monitored. I have found that Teen Nick can be iffy as far as content goes sometimes... they have a few shows that I let my older daughter watch... but even some of their videos they have on are iffy ... IMHO. My oldest is 9 and one thing I have had to monitor lately is her IPAD use... she is REALLY good at asking me if she can view something... I think I have engrained it in their brain about "appropriateness" because my children are always asking me if something is appropriate on TV or IPAD and they are always watching each other for content. But... I have not found a filter on the IPAD for web browsing so I like to have control over where they go.. .they cannot just google something.

    Back to TV... I DO like that my TV has a channel block! I BLOCK everything! LOL! If it is not G then I have to put in a code... to unblock... obsessive??? Maybe but at least I know what my children are being exposed to!
      My kids are still young enough I have to turn on what I want them to watch. But really even some cartoons I feel are inappropriate for kids(spongbob, and the cat in the hat movie) are just some that pop in my head. You just have to be really careful these days with everything, tv, internet, music videos.
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