Sleep training

Elianna will be 3 months old in about 2 weeks! So I need some opinions on sleep training and how & when to do it. Right now she naps in her swing during the day. At night time she sleep in her bassinet for about 4 hrs, then 3 hrs the rest of the night. We want to get her napping in her bed. I know she's used to the swing so I think we will have to sleep train especially hard for naps. Thanks everyone!

Bethany ReillyBedford, Virginia
Bethany Reilly
That sounds like a good idea. I've noticed that's seems to work best with our kiddos. Like switching from bottles to cups. Or when we moved Malachi from his bassinet to his crib. Or when we stopped swaddling him. We didn't wean him for any of that. And the first day or so was tough but after that things got so much better!
    Bethany Reilly
    Yea we aren't really comfortable leaving her to cry it out. She gets sooo upset!
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