Baby coming earlier

Was at the docter onTuesday, and my baby girl is growing so well, she weighs 2.7kg's, dr says my cervic is very soft and that baby has lowered a lot, he thinks baby is going to make her appearance earlier, my first ceaserean date was 22 May, and then he said we are going to move it to 15 May, but he thinks she is going to come before that, so maybe next week or maybe the week thereafter, don't know.
I have been having a lot of Braxton hicks and can feel through the day how she pushes down, she is lying in the right position in the canal, what do you ladies think, do you think my time is nearby?

    It's 50/50...I went into Pre-term Labor at 34 weeks and I wasn't having Braxton Hicks (I didn't have contractions until an hour after my water broke). This is so hard to determine because everyone is different...but I wish you luck and a beautiful, healthy baby...
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