oh. my. god. Seth won't eat a strawberry?

He had a strawberry while I was holding him and wanted more, so I cut them up and put them on his waffle with syrup and butter and he keeps spitting out the strawberry part.
He won't eat vegetables but will eat cheerios.
As soon as he gets something bread like, like cheerios or crackers or something he won't eat anything good for him. Its crazy.
I don't know if I'm just trying to make a connection because I'm in denial that he won't eat fruit or veggies? He would by even eat Mac n cheesewith no veggies!!!???!!! What the heck

    my daughter did that for awhile. only want to eat the same thing. But once she started preschool and was eating lunch there and saw the other kids eating. she has been eating whatever i make and if she doesn't like it then i will make her something she does. but most of the time she likes it.
      Melissa Middleton
      They go through these spurts where they only want one thing or certain things when they've eaten a plethora of other foods. My son is stuck on bananas. His used to be favorite foods, such as spaghetti, he no longer wants. Today he actually ate some Rice Chex cereal, that was a shocker. It will be over (in a while) and then he will find something knew he will be wanting all of the time.
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