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my baby is sick he's on ZERTEC once a day I went out and bought benadryl and saline for him but he seem like nothing working I thought it was allgeries but he been throwing up any advice

    The Zyrtec will help the symptoms, but you have to figure out what the issue is that's causing him to throw up. For my son it was dairy, for my middle daughter it turned out to be anything red, orange and some green (beta carotene allergy). For my youngest it's eggs. For my niece it's wheat (celiac disease).

    If you are nursing, it can be especially tricky as it restricts your diet also.
    If he is formula fed, switch formula. (I don't know what formula is out there, so it would be better to get advice on that from your doc.)
    If he has started solids, eliminate all solids and get his body back to normal (no throwing up), then very slowly start solids back-one new food every two weeks. That's a lot slower than the experts recommends, but it's the only way when you have a babe with allergies until you discover what the issue it.

    My son was the only one on zyrtec, but once we figured out it was a dairy allergy (about 8 weeks old), it took another 4 weeks to get it all out of both our systems as I was breastfeeding. Once I stopped eating it, I saw an improvement in a week. A month later we had a different baby because he wasn't in pain any more. One you have seen the allergic reactions, you never forget them so they are easy to recognize in younger kids.
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