emotional mom poem i wrote :)

You are mine. I carried you. I felt like I died, yet cried for joy, when you came through. I cry when you cry, hate to see you sad. When I look in your face, I see me and your dad. You came to us and no thinking it through. We had never realized we had always wanted, needed you. I share my food, time and bed. You occupy every space from home to heart and head. Your smile infectious, your laugh contagious. I thank God everyday that you were made for us. I'm your mom, I'm glad you turned my world upside down. I smile more now than when we ran the town. We stay in and watch cartoons, enough finger foods to stack to the moon. Energy? I've had none for days. Clean house? A chance to wear non finger printed clothes, nah I wouldn't have it any other way. ~Jennifer Henderson

    Awwh that made me cry!!! Happy tears from a happy mommy..great poem
      Melissa Middleton
      I love this!
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