How old was ur child?

OK mommas,
How old was ur child when you decided to have another baby? I need an opinion me and the hubby are thinking about having another baby even though my daughter is 1 yrs old and still in diapers

    The youngest three are around 20 months apart. We just let it happen naturally. I exclusively breastfeed and for me it works as an effective birth control for about a year. If I let myself think about how many I had in diapers, I would have stressed.
      Wait til diaper stage is over lol..
        Melissa Middleton
        We decided to let it happen naturally as well. Jonah was 16 months old when I conceived our second child together. They will be 25 months apart.

        We start trying when Jonah was 6-7 months old because we wanted another, felt we were ready, and wanted them close together.
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