Am 7 weeks pp and my depression is only getting worse and I don't want to take medication I'm a breastfeeding mother I don't want to take medication. I hide it well but it's starting to take a toll on me need help

    Your not alone! I still struggle with my pp depression and my youngest son is 4. Talk to your doctor, a friend, and yourself. There are other methods other than medication like meditation, exercising, group therapy, writing in a journal and more. Trust your support system and don't shut people out when you feel down try to find something to do that you used to enjoy. I have done all these and I love going to have time with other moms and going to the gun range to relieve stress when I'm getting down. Hang in there it get better I struggled alone for years and that hurt me the most.
      Thanks ladies... I feel like I want to give up from the min I give up I can't take it anymore... Am in a battle w myself
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