How do you dress as a mom in your 20s or 30s?

how do you dress as a mom in your 20s or 30s?

    Casual trendy. I'm 33. I spent my 20s in tight clothes partying and enjoying life. Now I like to dress according to how I feel that day. Some days I dress up some days I dress down but most days I am casual but trendy. I like to try patterns and colors that are in style. And I also like to test my comfort level. I'm not the average mom but I'm not the mom that gets dirty looks either lol If I like it and feel good I wear it. Ripped jeans with a oversized shirt. Bulky sweater with colorful leggings. Rubber boots, sperrys, wedge sneakers, toms. I try it all.
      I like bight colors and not tight clothes. After having my first son, I totally bummed in out in Pj's all the time lol. But now that I am more myself I wear beige pants with a flowy onesize poncho type shirt. etc.
        Bethany Reilly
        I live in pjs lol. But when I go out some jeans or yoga pants and a nice shirt. Just cuz I barely fit any of my old clothes. So it's time to do some shopping lol!
          am 30 i still wear ripped jeans no shirts that show my stomach but i still wear classy outfits i am still young..
            I'm 23 and I pretty much wear whatever I feel comfortable in. Skinny jeans or jeggings are pretty normal, with some sort of boot or maybe some Converse. T-shirts, band tees, crop tops, or shirts that are short in the front and long in the back are pretty normal attire for me. When I want to make it fancier, a nicer shirt and some heels.
              I dress casual for most everything. Comfortable clothing that covers my body. I've never liked to show off my belly, thighs, or cleavage. For one, I've always thought of these parts of me are 'private' and only meant to be shared with my husband and two it really isn't difficult to find cute, fun clothing that is cut a little more conservatively. I still like to dress well and to wear clothing that accentuates my body, I just don't like to actually show off my skin. If that makes sense. (and no I don't have any skin conditions that make my skin look ugly).

              Over the years I've learned, what you 'hide' can actually be more sexy and attractive to a man than if you're wearing something that reveals everything. For example, my husband gets more excited when I wear a fitted skirt that sits mid thigh and a medium 'V' neck shirt with sleeves than when I wear my swim suit or when I'm changing my clothes and he sees me in my bra and panties. Men like to use their imagination and when you give them the opportunity they actually like it.
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