It's official.. I am 18 weeks today and I think I have "popped" a bit!

When I look down.. someone is THERE! haha

I am certain what in like 5 months I will think back and go.. OH MEG, you thought THAT was a pop? ha!

Tell me ladies.. when did you think you grew the most during pregnancy?

Beginning, Middle, End?​

    I would say you're right on schedule!!!! Whoooo HOOOO!!!!

    Yes.. about 18 weeks was when I was like, Oh HEY there... little bump... and then 24 weeks was when there was no mistaking I was knocked up....

    This is when it starts to get really fun... The middle time you're the most comfortable and clothes are super cute now and you are this cute little pregnant lady ...

    I won't tell you about 8 and 9th month.. LOL.. when you're maternity jeans don't fit and you're wearing the same man t-shirt every day because nothing else but a moo moo fits but you don't want to go buy more.. knowing you have just a few (if that) weeks to go...

    Are you taking pics? Documenting monthly? I never did until the end, but kinda wished I had... Oh... I'll post about that...
      8Theresa Gould
      Congratulations on your baby bump!

      I have no idea when I grew the most. I was always huge with most of my pregnancies because I had bigger babies.
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